Sunday, 17 June 2012

Little Suprises

Hello there!!

Well for the last few weeks I have been a bit busy with sorting out an end of year show at college, which involved putting a skeleton in a dress. So unfortunatly, the jewellery side of things has suffered a little bit. But rest assured, I have a ton of ideas and two weeks off, which should make up for everything.
So I came home from work yesterday (work on a Saturday, its like living in the middle ages) to find a package for me marked airmail, from Australia!! This was rather exciting. After fighting with the airmail packet for about five minutes, I finally managed to open it. There were two tiny packages inside, one being this rather fabulous piece of costume jewellery.

I already have some ideas for this.... It's just so shiny!! The second little package had a note on it saying THE NOT PRADA COLLECTION. And inside, were these little beauts.

Hopefully some of you remember my post of Prada's gorgeous new jewels, well these aren't quite Prada, but they're Etsy. In my opinion that makes them better, as they have been hand made, and someone has put time and effort into them.

Well thats your lot for the moment, but I shall be back soon!! I have lots of ideas, but my finances can't seem to keep up with them.

Until next time,

Lu X

"Have you seen the stars reflect in the resivour??"


  1. PS I don't think the earrings woud have been to Sherlock's taste though!

    1. Haha well they might be!! And thank you so much for them, they are so lovely