Monday, 9 July 2012

Moustaches are a girls best friend.


Well it certainly has been far too long. The things is, I have flashes of inspiration where I make and make, until I either run out out of steam or materials. I haven't had one of those for ages. Until the other day that is.

Moustaches are what started it all off. To be honest I've always kind of a fascination with the sophisticated older gent, the moustaches, pipes, monocles, pocket watches and so forth. I'm not entirely sure where it stems from I just think there's something pleasing about it. For ages I've been thinking of ways to try and incorporate my love of blokes things into jewellery.

(I do have an actual pipe, but I have been strongly advised not to take it out in public.)

So I started out with something everyone loves, moustaches!! There's a huge number of styles to suit everyone's style, so what's not to love. My personal favourite is the ones that old army generals have, but I thought I'd start out with a simple Mario moustache.


So obviously this is quite a simple design, and one that a lot of people have seen before. But it's early days yet, and I am still trying to master the curly French moustache!! This is made of felt, which is such a great material. It's soft, easy to work with, and just wants to be your friend really. So I continued using this frankly fabulous material for my next project.

In the words of Matt Smith as the 11th doctor: "Bow ties are cool."

Damn straight they are!! And why should such a cool accessory be restricted to men!?! I think it's about time we ladies get in on the act.


These are surprisingly fun to make. I kept making them until I ran out of felt and chains, and they just look so damned good coupled with a plain t-shirt. Whilst wearing one, part of me does want to whip out the pipe and start telling stories of the good old days. Of course the other part of me wants whip out a sonic screwdriver and start running around after cybermen (I do love Docter Who).

So that's it for now!! It's great to be making again, and I have ordered some more felt, so hopefully some more creations are on their way!!

Until next time,

Lu Xx

"I'm in with the in crowd."

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