Thursday, 12 April 2012

Just a quick one..

The rings have landed!! As far as I'm concerned, this the one of the simplest and funnest to start making jewellery. (Is funnest a word?? It is now!!) There are many types of ring bases available, but I think the resizable ones are the best, then lots of lovely folk can wear them.
Almost anything can be turned into a ring. As long as you have some super strong glue, everything will look fantastic, and you can give them away, sell them, or keep them. I have found Araldite to be the best glue, even though it must be left over night, it is by far the strongest I have encountered. And so on with the show!!

So these rings were made from old things I found in my jewellery box. The feather is from a dismantled neacklace, which I bought in a sale in Accessorize. Sales, charity shops and boot fairs are ideal places to find interesting bits and pieces. You may recognise some things from my previous post, which are again being put to good use!! Now the Springer Spaniel one is techinaclly my first ever comission!! Alright it's for my mum, but she loved this brooch, and loves Springers, (we all do in this house) and so she wanted something she could wear everyday. I quite like the way it sits on one's hand... I'm still debating whether to charge her or not.

My other favourite here is the Jubilee Ring, as I am now accustomed to calling it. I love how dated this piece looks, and you really do feel quite sophisticated wearing it. I'd love to find some more bits with a royal theme, what with this being the great british year of the Queenie's Diamond jubilee and the Olympics.

I am also rather fond of the porcelain flower ring. It's so delicate, but the amount of detail is amazing. Perfect for the spring!!

I have ordered a large quantity of mixed vintage jewellery from Ebay, so hopefully that should arrive in the next few days. The great thing about these mixed lots is that you're never entirely sure what you're getting, it's almost like discovering treasure!!

Right, now out for an inspiring dog walk around the park,

Lu x

'The rain falls hard on a humdrum town'


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