Friday, 13 April 2012

Tresure me Heartys!!

Well that treasure arrived much quicker than I thought. Thank god for the British postal service!! After the shame of answering the postman in my pyjamas, I opened the parcel. It was very much like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc when they open the box and they gold light pours out, and the mysterious music starts. And my what a collection!! Gold, silver, jewels, pearls, beads and everything inbetween was contained in that little box. I immediantly emptied it onto the table picking through the mess. There were some so-so pieces, but that was to be expected. But there were also some beautiful and unique pieces which I have shown below.

After sorting through, I found some particularly interesting bits. The first would be this pair of earrings whcih seem to depict an african queen. I have no idea how old they, are but they are very worn at the back. I think they are simply wonderful.

I then found this brooch, after accidently pricking my thumb on the pin. After some thorough cursing I saw how delicate the brooch is. The tiny flowers around flowers are round the edge are enamel, but are quite bardly worn. You can only imagine how bright the colours used to be back in it's heyday. The green stone in the middle was extremely loose, so much so that the stone actully fell out!! So I strengthened the clasps holding it in. I think it would make a rather regal ring.
Now these are interesting. I think they are cufflinks, but I would have to ask a manly man about that. They are very old, and I can't quite make out the initials on them, as it is in old fashioned script which is just so difficult to read. I'm not quite sure what I would do with them, but I like to imagine that they blonged to a very refined gentleman who wore tuxedos and had a lovely great moustache.

Last but not at all least, is my absolute favourite piece. It appears to be a bracelet, formed out of small metal illustrations. The pictures are in the style of old medival books,where the figures are very flat, and have simple features. I imagine it to have been a bracelet for a child, as it only just fits around my tiny wrist. There are again no marks on this item, (hugely annoying!!) but it is still wonderful. I particulary like the tag at the end, featuring what looks like a doggy wolfy thing. I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. Part of me wants to dismantle it, maybe turn it into rings, but the other half wants to keep it as it is!! Such a decision!!

Well that should keep me amused for the weekend. I'll be back soon with more creations!!

Lu x

'I see a mansard roof through the trees'


  1. Ohmywow! Them finds are amazing!I wanttt!

    Sophh Elizabeth

  2. Hi Lucy :)

    I just followed you! My favourite out of the jewellery you named are definitely the African looking earrings - gorgeous!

    Looking forward to seeing more posts : ) xx