Thursday, 5 April 2012

Let it begin...

So I thought I'd start a blog. I have no idea how successful it will be, it could all end tomorrow, or it could go on forever. I'm hoping for the second option.
Jewellery I hear you shout!! Yes, I love jewellery. New jewellery, old jewellery, broken jewellery...... bascially anything thats shiny. I have been designing bits and pieces for a while and thought, lets do this thing!! So I did.

This bracelet, lets call it 'English rose' was made from dismanteling old bits that I never wore anymore. I love doing this, as somethings I have hold great memories, but I simply don't wear them. So creating something new and beautiful, whilst retaining the memories is perfect. The rose is from a ring I wore in the summer of last year, and the leaves are from the necklace I wore to the prom. Both fun memories!! You'll soon learn that I am very much inspired by nature, and love creating delicate, flowery things.
I also love anything that glitters!! Now I don't know where they come from, so I would be grateful for any feedback, but I have been finding these beautiful butterfly brooches everywhere. Boot fairs, charity shops, all over the place!! Each one is diferent, and I thought that they're so pretty, I should do something with them.
So the necklace is a little bit wonky here, but you get the picture. And when the sunlight hits them, they really do sparkle!! I shall have to keep an eye out for any more, I quite like the idea of a headress...

Well I think that will do for a first post.
Until next time xx

"I will see you in far off places"

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  1. Fantastic work. Keep going and keep haunting charity shops and boot fairs.