Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Silver lining...

Hello again!! Well it does feel like a while since I last posted, for me anyway. This is largely due to one thing: life. Yes after the blissful laziness of the halfterm, college has begun again, which means new projects, applying for new courses and less time on jewellery. But as I dropped a chair on my foot at college (graceful as always) I've had the past couple of days off, which has given me plenty of time to ponder and create. So there's a few things I want to share with you in this post. This first would be a new piece, which continues with my stars obsession.
I adore this necklace, if I do say so myself. The tiny silver stars were among some of the many treasures that arrived from ebay, and I think that they are so delicate compared to the large statement that the stone makes. This beautiful stone is from another necklace that I purchased from the wonderful Bonbi Forest. This is a fantastic website with lots of lovely jewels, prints and garments for sale. I find it to be a constant inspiration, and thoroughly recommend visiting the website. Anyhoo, after that gushing praise for Bonbi Forest I'm sure you're asking "Why did you dismantle it you silly moo?!?!" Well as I have stated in previous posts, one of the joys of making jewellery is that you can take pieces with fantastic memories that are no longer worn, and create beautiful new things that you are sure to wear all the time!! The original chain for it was gold, which I don't tend to wear as much as silver. The chain was also quite long and I personally prefer the shorter chain as it doesn't get in the way. Nor does it give you a heart attack every time the stone hits the side of the table. I particularly like the way the light shines through it. I also just wanted to share a little bit of where I live. For those of you who don't live in Kent, it's usually referred to as the 'Garden of England'. I'm not sure about where I live as it's a bit of a grey town that seems more at home in a song by The Smiths. But surrounding it is some of the most wonderful countryside you'll ever see. So the place I want to show you today is Wye Downs, a favourite place to take the dog.
This place has so many memories, most of them concerning me moaning after having to walk up the hill. But if you go there just as the sun is setting, it's perfect. Everythings quiet, the air is still and it feels like heaven on earth. Well, apart from the dog barking at you to just throw the ball. But I'm sure that would be up there. After all for me heaven wouldn't be complete without a bonkers Springer Spaniel who spins round in circles.

Lu X

'I prefer the waters edge.'

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